Marking a Technician as Unavailable on the Powerboard

You have the ability to mark a technician as unavailable on the powerboard so you know not to schedule a ticket to the technician for that block of time.  This article will show you how to mark a technician as unavailable and show you how to delete the block if needed.

1. Select the Powerboard icon within your Toolbox

2. You will see an 'Unavailable' option on the left hand side of your Powerboard, right above the unscheduled tickets.

3. Select the 'Unavailable' option and drag it to the date of the Technician you want to mark as unavailable.

4. Click into the 'Unavailable' box and select 'Edit' to enter a title or event name and enter in an ETA time then select 'Save'

5. Congratulations!  You have successfully marked a Technician as unavailable on your Powerboard.

6. To remove the 'Unavailable' block simply drag the block to the list of Unscheduled tickets



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