Adding Opportunity Products

FCS allows our users to add additional Opportunity Products to further expand on the selectable items from the Opportunity Type menu. This can only be modified be a user who has been given full "Administrator" rights within the system. 

The Opportunity Products has five default selections which cannot be modified or deleted. They include the following items:

1. Roof Replacement

2. Roof Repair

3. Service Dispatch

4. Qwikbid

5. RTM

To access the Opportunity Products and add more items, please following these instructions:


1. Click on the ToolBox and select "Admin" icon

2. Next, select "Sales Settings."

3. From the "Sales Settings" menu, select "Opportunities Products Admin" (see screenshot below)

4. Once you've accessed the "Opportunities Products Admin," you will see the five default product types. You can add additional types by clicking on "Add a new product."

5. You can begin adding the a new type of "Opportunity Product." If you want this specific product to be available in the "Production Module," check the box "Can use Operations utility with this Opportunity." 


Once you have saved the types of Opportunity Products, they will become selectable for any new Opportunity created. 


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