How To Approve OPMs

FCS adds controls to help manage your data and communications when capturing production projects.  This article will focus on how to set up and your OPM (Online Project Management) approvals.


Step 1: Log into FCS and click on your toolbox.



Step 2: In your toolbox click on the "Admin" icon.



Step 3: Within your Admin Features click on "Operations Settings".



Step 4:  Click and highlight the "Enable OPM Approvals" button.  Once enabled your foreman will have the option to approve online project status updates before they are emailed to the designated customer contact.



Step 5: When you click into a production job at the property level click on "Daily Progress".



Step 6: A foreman will be required to review the daily progress and "approve".


Congratulations!!! Once you approve the daily progress the daily project email will be sent at its designated time. 



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