FCS Enhancements (July 26, 2018)

Dispatch Board Enhancements:
-'Date last modified' option is now available in the dispatch board filter. Any time a change is made to a service dispatch [desktop or mobile], this date will update.
-Contact Information is now visible below the Site Contact drop-down menu on the service dispatch ticket.
-Property information is now visible in the upper right-hand corner when working on a service ticket. 
-The filtering ability of the dispatch board has been enhanced to allow a user to choose multiple options across multiple fields when searching for service tickets. Searching for tickets with the following status; Status, Technician, Invoice Type, Priority, and Search By.
-Dispatch Board Color Codes: The color palette in the Dispatch board has been enhanced to better distinguish the status of the service ticket. 

Other Enhancements:
-Mobile 5.0 Project Files: Access to the “Project Files” is now available to preview the files listed instead of just displaying the file names associated with the project.
-Timecard Master - If exporting Timecards when there is no job number, job_ name_id will be blank.


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