FCS Enhancements (December 4, 2018)

- Added ability to override the dispatch date with the resolved date on Service Invoice PDFs 
- Added ability to sort the dispatch board by custom field columns
- Added ability to filter by custom fields within the service dispatch board filters
- Sales By Client (opportunity report) now allows you to map your client results

- Service Dispatch ETA Email Notification now sends to client portal customers when saving from the PowerBoard
- Status changes to an opportunity from the mobile interface will retain its status value when saved
- Identical company/property custom fields now pull correct data for the company and property
- Custom fields for each group location are now displaying on service dispatch tickets
- Users are now able to type a decimal (period) into the deficiency cost while doing an inspection in the mobile interface
- Users that are not Administrators are no longer able to delete properties and contacts from Mobile 5.0 interface

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