Plotting Deficiencies in the Desktop

If you have added deficiencies in the desktop, you will need to plot where those deficiencies are located.  This article will walk you through how to plot deficiencies using the desktop login.

1. On your property record, select the "Plot Deficiencies" option located under the aerial image

2. You will be presented with all of the active deficiencies on that property.  Select the deficiency that you need to plot

3. Confirm the deficiency type, remedial or emergency, quantity and repair cost then select "Next"

4. Drag your image to the location of the deficiency and using the crosshairs, plot the point on the aerial then select "Done"

5. You will be brought back to the page of all your active deficiencies.  Select the "Exit" button to take you back to the property record. 

6. Congratulations!  You have successfully plotted a deficiency on your desktop!


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