Service Dispatch Approval Process

If you would like to have an approval process in place before a service technician can present a service ticket to a customer, that permission is controlled on a user level.  This guide will show you how activate the service dispatch approval permission for a user and how to go through the steps of approving a service dispatch.

1. Go into your Toolbox --> Admin --> User Admin --> 'edit' button next to the user you want to give the permission to

2. Select the 'Requires Service Dispatch Approval' permission and click 'Update User' to save

You will assign the service ticket to your technician as normal and your technician will perform the service ticket as normal.

3. Once they have entered the additional labor and materials the technician will select 'Send Request'

4. Your technician will be presented with a message on their screen and will need to wait for an Admin to to approve the service ticket

5. The administrator will receive a notification depending on their setting that a service dispatch approval is required.  The administrator will go into their Toolbox and click the 'Dispatch Approval' icon

6. The administrator will need to either 'Approve' or 'Deny' the request.  You can also leave a note with your approval.  

7. Once the administrator selects 'Approve' the technician's screen will refresh and bring them to back into the service ticket to review the service ticket with the customer

8. Congratulations!  You have gone through the Service Dispatch Approval Process!



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