How to Troubleshoot an Error Message

How to Troubleshoot an Error Message

At times you may experience an error message when performing a task in FCS.  The error message may be caused by many factors, such as the device you are using, poor web reception, user error, FCS bug, etc.  Regardless of what's causing the error message, if it is triggered while you are using FCS you will contact the FCS Support Team to resolve the issue.  

Our support team's goal is to help resolve the reported error as quickly & efficiently as possible; listed below are the steps you can take to assist in this process.


Step 1: Capture the Message

The first step is always to capture the error message; in fact, this may be the most important step.  A great way of doing this is to take a screenshot of your device while the message is up.  Once you have a screenshot or other recording of the error you can text or email it to your FCS administrator.


Step 2:  Google the Error Message

It's always a good idea to Google the error message whenever possible.  If you can, either copy-&-paste or manually type the message into a Google search box; you may be able to look up the error and gain more information from the search results.  This information is valuable because it can help determine whether the particular error is or is not caused by the FCS program itself.  

NOTE: Sometimes the explanation Google provides is too technical for most of us to understand, and that's OK; we are not all necessarily tech-savvy.  Many times though, Google can shed some light on what the problem is, and this additional information can help steer you in the right direction.

For example:  Let's say I received this error message while generating an invoice within FCS.


This message can be typed or copied & pasted into a Google search for more information.


Step 3: Start Over and Try Again

Once you have the error message captured, we recommend you log out of FCS, then log back in and perform the same function.  If you get the same results, continue with Step 4.


Step 4:  Send Information to the FCS Support Team

As mentioned earlier, many times you may not be able to understand the information from Google unless you are a developer.  When this happens, simply send us the error message and our team will look it up.  We will let you know what type of error occurred, and potentially how and why it occurred.  If the error is caused by FCS, our team will continue to investigate, find a resolution, and notify you of our findings. Providing our team the exact error message allows us to begin investigating right away.


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