How to filter "Bad Credit" customers


Sometimes it will be necessary to report on or contact customers with bad credit.  FCS allows you to "flag" customers as "Bad Credit History".  Once a customer is flagged you can filter all customers with bad credit.  Just follow these few simple steps to obtain all customers flagged with bad credit within FCS.

Note: For more information explaining "How to mark a customer with bad credit history" in FCS, click on the article below.


Step 1: When you click on the "Contacts" icon in FCS you will see a filter on the left side of the page indicated by the black arrow below.



Step 2:  Click on the filter to open the filter options.  Make sure "Company" is selected in the pull down menu and ensure the "only show results flagged with bad credit" is selected and highlighted blue.  Once both are selected click on "filter".



Step 3:  The filtered page will show how many customers you have flagged as bad credit and list all company's.  Once you have successfully filtered your customers with a bad credit history use the tools to export the data, create a mass activity, map, print or email.  



Congratulations!  You have successfully filtered your customers flagged with a bad credit history.


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