Ability to edit AIA billing

An FCS user will need the correct permission in order to edit AIA for a production job.  This article will show you how to enable the permission setting so you can edit AIA billing.


Step 1: Recognition - If you begin to set up the contract for a production project, you may recognize you are unable to set up or make changes.  The "Edit" button will enable you to set up and make changes to the contract within FCS.  If you do not see the "Edit" button your ability to edit AIA billing has not been enabled (indicated by the red arrows below).  You will need to work with your FCS Administrator and turn on the ability to edit AIA billing.





Step 2: If you have administrative access to FCS you can simply choose the associate who needs permissions set for editing AIA.  Within FCS User Admin settings you can enable or disable the "Can Edit AIA?" function.  Once you select the "Can Edit AIA?" button for a particular associate they will be able set up and edit AIA contracts and billing.




Great job!  You have just successfully enabled a user so they can edit AIA! 







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