Adding a Composition photo in the desktop client view mode.

Adding a Composition Photo in the Desktop Client View Mode


Please follow these quick and easy steps to successfully add a new composition photo using your desktop in client view mode.


Step 1

Navigate to the property and click on the "client view mode" button. Indicated by the red arrow below.



Step 2

Click on the section you wish to add the composition photo too.



Step 3

Click on the "Switch / view edit mode" button so you are in edit mode.



Step 4

Select the "Composition" tab and then select "Choose File".   

Make sure the composition photo has been downloaded to your local computer.  The Choose File button will open your local files and allow you to select the photo.



Step 5

Once you have uploaded the photo, it will appear under the "Choose File" button and will give you the option to delete and choose another.



Step 6

When the photo has been added, select the "Add Test Cuts" button.  The photo will appear.  You will also have the option the rotate the photo if necessary.



Step 7

Click the "Update" button to save and complete.



NOTE: To update your inspection report with the updated composition photo please refer to this article: What do I do if my report is not updating?


Congratulations! You can now add a composition photo from your desktop!







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