FCS Enhancements (February 12, 2019)


- Client Portal “Condition Summary” performance improved through faster save time. Previously reported performance issues in quickly saving changes.

- Red outlines have been added to missing required fields when modifying or adding deficiencies in the Condition Summary page.


- Service Dispatch Custom Fields were previously displayed as “Undefined.” The issue was addressed and all Custom Fields are properly displaying on the Dispatch Board.

- Account Managers designated to a company or property were not properly receiving Dispatch Alerts if their user setting was configured to receive alerts. The issue was resolved and alert notifications are properly functioning.


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    Dan Lewis

    Regarding the 3/12/2019 enhancements: As a full-time iPad user (desktop site), the enhancements to the layout of the property pages with buttons for Aerial, Section Outlines, etc is a very welcome improvement. Thank you very much! I look forward to more such tweaks! Keep up the great work!

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    Steven YapDiangco


    Thank you for the feedback. We are continually striving to improve and refine FCS for both our desktop and mobile users. You and everyone's continued suggestions of enhancements have allowed our IT, Product, and Development teams to focus on enhancements that make the biggest impact to our users. We truly appreciate it!

    - FCS Professional Services Team

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