Creating a Spanish Deficiency List

Creating a Spanish Deficiency List


FCS has the ability to create a Spanish deficiency list. The Spanish text will appear in the tablet/mobile version of in the Inspections and Service Dispatches. FCS does not automatically translate the English text to Spanish; rather, it provides an alternate field for Spanish text.

Note: User settings must be set to Spanish as the default language in the tablet/mobile version in order for the Spanish text for deficiency titles to appear.

Step 1

Access the Deficiency Library through the Toolbox and selecting Admin. (Note: Only Administrators can modify the Deficiency Library).



Step 2

Review your current Deficiency list. Click "Edit" for each deficiency. 


Step 3

Enter the Spanish text in the field "Deficiency Name (Spanish)(Optional)." Once entered, when the user accesses the mobile/tablet version of FCS, the Spanish text for the deficiency name will appear instead of the English text. 






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