Changing the Number of Records Displayed in Your Contacts View

Changing the Number of Records Displayed in Your Contacts View

If your view on the Contacts page is limited, you may need to adjust the settings in your user profile setup.  This is very simple to correct and will not require an FCS Administrator to make the changes.


Step 1

If you are trying to view the FCS CRM Contacts pages and do not see any customers displayed (see screenshot below) you will need to change your user settings.




Step 2

Log in and click on ToolBox, then click "Edit My Account".




Step 3

You will see the "Contact records to display per page" is set to Zero.  To change this, simply type in a larger number (we suggest a range of 200 to 500); this number will reflect the number of customer records the user will see in their view.





Step 4

Make sure to click on the "Update User" button at the bottom of the page; this will save the changes you have made.




Step 5

Return to the Contacts page & confirm that your changes have taken effect; you should now be able to view your contact records normally.



Great job!




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