FollowupCRM Integration Instructions

FollowupCRM Integration Instructions

The intention of the FollowupCRM integration is to push opportunities from FollowupCRM to FCS and produce the work. This is a one way integration, with the transfer of information flowing from FollowupCRM to FCS. A FollowupCRM tool will exist in FCS, enabling users to capture and view the current opportunities listed in FollowupCRM.  The steps below will explain the process to view FollowupCRM opportunities in FCS and how to push these opportunities to jobs and properties.


Step 1

Once your FollowupCRM has been configured within your FCS you can complete the one-time login.  The login can be found in your user setup.  You will access your user setup by clicking on "ToolBox" and then "Edit My Account".

Screen_Shot_2019-03-13_at_2.48.31_PM.png           Screen_Shot_2019-03-13_at_2.46.00_PM.png          Screen_Shot_2019-03-13_at_2.45.24_PM.png



Step 2

To view the current FollowupCRM opportunities in FCS, click on the FollowupCRM Jobs tool located in your FCS ToolBox. 

Note:  If you do not see the FollowupCRM Jobs tool in your ToolBox, please have your FCS Administrator enable the tool for you.




Step 3

Clicking on the FollowupCRM Jobs button will load the FollowupCRM Jobs report.  This report displays the current opportunities in FollowupCRM.  




Step 4

When you have an opportunity to push to a job, check and see if a company for the opportunity has been created within your FCS; if not, you will need to create the company at this time.



Step 5

The report can be filtered by a date range; to do so, simply click on the calendar icons and choose the start and end date, then select the "Search" button to continue.




Step 6A

When you have an opportunity ready to be pushed to service or production, simply click on the opportunity (you can click anywhere in the opportunity).  A window will pop up providing the option to push the opportunity to service or production.


 NOTE* If your organization utilizes "groups" functionality within FCS, the scheduler or individual pushing the jobs to the holding company must be set up as a FCS Core Groups Administrator.


Step 6B

The pushed opportunity will be removed from the FollowupCRM Jobs report and housed in a temporary holding company within FCS.  The holding company can also be directly accessed by selecting the "Go To Followup CRM Jobs" button.


Step 6C

In this example the temporary holding company is labeled Followup CRM Jobs.  The opportunity pushed from the FollowupCRM Jobs report will temporarily reside here. All opportunities pushed from the FollowupCRM Jobs report will create a PROPERTY in the holding company. 





Step 7

Because you followed Step 4 above, you should already have a company entered into FCS for each opportunity and property that has been pushed to the holding company.  Next, we want to move the property from the holding company to the actual designated company.  To do so, select the box to the left of the property so the box is highlighted in blue, then click on "Copy checked properties and move to...".




Step 8

This will take you to the "Contacts" page, where you can search and select the designated company.  Once you have located the designated company, double click on the company name (for example: Novus Realty Corporate).




Step 9

Now that you are in the company page, please select "Paste properties to this company".




Step 10

You have now successfully added the property to the designated company.  If the job is for service, the service dispatch will reside in the Service tab.  If the job is for production, the opportunity will reside in the Opportunities tab and the production job will reside in the Production tab in the property record. 


 Pushing a Production Job

Step 11A

When you have an opportunity for a production job, select the "Production Job" button highlighted in blue.




Step 11B

You will be automatically directed to the opportunity page in FCS with the appropriate fields already filled out; click on the "Edit Opportunity" button to complete.




Step 11C

When you complete the opportunity, you will be directed to the Opportunity page for the property in the holding company.



 Pushing a Service Ticket

Step 12A

When you have an opportunity for a service job, select the "Service Ticket" button highlighted in blue.




Step 12B

A dispatch ticket will initiate; notice the dispatch ticket will display the correct property, but the property still resides in the holding company.




Step 12C

Complete the dispatch ticket and follow steps 8 through 11 to ensure the property has been moved to the correct company.




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