Billable and Non-Billable Users in FCS

Billable and Non-Billable Users in FCS

FCS has billable and non-billable users. When an FCS administrator enables a user, the user will be configured as billable or non-billable.  This article will explain why a user would be set up as billable or non-billable and how to enable and configure a user.



Step 1

Here is a table to help explain the similarities and differences between billable and non-billable users within FCS.  

Billable user                                                                  Non-billable user

Adding a Billable user may increase your monthly fee.  If you have questions before adding an additional billable user please contact a FCS CSM or Support.

Non-billable user will not increase your monthly fee.  You may have as many Non-billable users as you wish without changing your monthly fee.

Billable user will log with person FCS email and password credentials  Non-billable user may login with FCS email and password credentials or a Billable user such as a Service Tech or Foreman may login non-billable users into FCS.
Billable user will utilize FCS according to job responsibilities and access.  Access is determined by your FCS Administrator Non-billable user can only utilize FCS to punch in and out of FCS.  
Billable users have the ability to log into FCS TimeCard and capture all billable and non-billable hours. Non-billable users have the ability to log into FCS TimeCard and capture all billable and non-billable hours.
Billable user can navigate pages in FCS according to permissions. Non-billable user can only view the FCS login page and punch in/out pages.
Billable users will appear in all FCS dropdown menus. Non-billable users will not appear in FCS pulldown menus.  Non-billable users are not an option in FCS pulldown menus because a non-billable user cannot add data to FCS.


Note: Essentially a billable user is someone who logs into FCS, utilizes the program at some capacity and is associated with a monthly fee.  A non-billable user is considered a service "helper" or a production crew "helper" or a sub-contractor.  Non-billable users or helpers are limited to logging in, punching in or out and are not associated with a monthly fee. 


Step 2

Let's navigate to the User Administration page so we can view the details.

Screen_Shot_2019-03-13_at_2.48.31_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.18.47_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.20.04_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.18.47_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.21.11_PM.png



Step 3

This view will list your current enabled users and breakdown the amount of billable and non-billable users.  You will notice in this example we have 13 Billable users and 10 Non-billable users.  There are also two dropdown menus and an "Edit" button.




Step 4

The enabled and disabled user dropdown menu will allow you to view your current users and users which are no longer active in FCS. 




Step 5

The billable and non-billable dropdown menu has three options.  If you choose "billable and non-billable", both will appear in your view.  If you choose "billable" then only the billable will appear in your view.  The same holds true for non-billable.




Step 6

Next let's take a look at new user configuration.  In order to add a new user, simply select the "Add a new user" button at the top left of the user administration page.  When you select the "Add a new user" button, a window will appear explaining by adding a new user may impact your monthly fees.  Please read the explanation and select "OK" to continue.




Step 7A

Selecting "OK" will direct you to the new user profile page.  Once in the user profile page the user administrator will have the option to enable the new user as billable or non-billable.  If you are configuring a billable new user, The "Account Enabled?" option needs to be selected and highlighted in blue.




Step 7B

If you are configuring a non-billable new user, The "Account Enabled?" and the "Non-billable user (Only Timecard)? option needs to be selected and highlighted in blue.  Always remember to click on the "Update User" button whenever you make any changes to the user profile page.

Note:  You will also notice all other options for user profile configuration have been disabled.  The Non-billable user will have no other access or permissions aside from logging in and to punch in or out of FCS.




Step 8

Since FCS disables users, at any point in time you can edit a disabled user and enable them once again.  First you will need to click on the "enable users" dropdown menu and select "disabled user". This will only display the disabled users.




Step 9

Select the "Edit" option next to the user you wish to enable.  




Step 10

By selecting the "Edit" option you will be directed to the user profile page.  From there just follow steps 7A and 7B of this article. Always remember to click on the "Update User" button whenever you make any changes to the user profile page.


Note: Regardless of how you enable a user, FCS will total and report your current Billable and Non-billable users.  You will notice as I added a Non-billable user and the total changed from 10 to 11.



Congratulations!  You are now able to easily manage your billable and non-billable users. 





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