FCS Enhancements (April 9, 2019)

FCS Update: Summary


- Deficiencies Marked as Fixed are Being Forced to Comply with New Required Fields: 
A recently released new functionality enabled users to do a mass update to all deficiencies and enforced a set of required fields. An enhancement on that new functionality does not require users to fill in a deficiency name or description when saving or updating deficiencies in the Client View Mode.
- Enhanced Account Manager Lists with the “Groups” Setting:
Account Managers that are not associated with the property, because they do not belong to the property's group, will no longer show as an option to be the Account Manager on that property.
- Enhanced Dispatch Board Export – Addition of Accounting Variables: 
Enhancement to our dispatch board export added 2 new variables: "Tax Rate" and "Total Taxable Amount" can now be exported
- Performance Enhancement to Dispatch Board Loading Times:
Performance enhancement to the loading speed of the Dispatch Board if they are not loading custom fields in the report.
- PDF Print Out Cutting Footer Off: 
All PDFs generated in FCS are now using U.S. Letter Size instead of A4. These formatting changes will prevent PDF footers from being cut off if they are printed out onto paper.
- RTM Report Sorting:
A bug that caused the RTM reports sorting capabilities has been fixed. RTM reports can now be sorted by column headers.
- RTM Report Displaying Deleted Invoices:
A bug that showed Invoice ID's of tickets that were deleted are no longer displaying in the RTM Report
- Limiting CRM Access to Mobile FCS Users: 
A bug was discovered that enabled “Mobile-only” users to find a way back into a CRM record through filtered results. This was a way around the limited CRM access setting from user permissions and security settings. This has been fixed.
- File Name of Take-off Reports:
Take-Off PDFs are now being named properly when saving to the cloud in FCS
- Daily FCS backups are now saving to Google Cloud Storage
- Filtering Prospects/Candidates/Clients:
A bug that was not allowing users to search by a zip code radius was discovered. Users can now enter a specific zip code and set a certain mile radius to pull results from their contacts.


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