Understanding Production Backlog, In Progress, and Complete. Your Superintendent Dashboard.

FCS Contract is a tool for your Superintendent to help manage all New Construction and large reroof projects.  FCS Contract can be found in your ToolBox.  The FCS Contract Tool will provide an overview of all Backlog, In Progress, and Completed projects.  This article is going to explain and define these stages and how to accurately view your Superintendent dashboard.


Step 1: This is the FCS Superintendent dashboard.  The gauges are a visual of your completed ratio of backlog, in progress, and complete projects.




Step 2: Setting your ratio for your gauges.  The ratio is set by filling out the "Goals" section of the "Operations Settings" in FCS Admin Features. 


The portion of the goal you reach will be reflected in the respective gauge.  Once you have exceeded your goal the gauge will be pinned at "F" for Full. 

To the right of the gauges is the sum ($) dollar amount of all current jobs followed by the actual amount of jobs for each category.  In this example, Backlog has (1) job at $1,650,000, In Progress has (17) jobs at $8,695,009 and Complete has (3) jobs at $1,651,000.  




Step 3: Lets take a closer look at each goal.

- Backlog is any project that has been 'Sent to Production,' but has yet to be scheduled.  The Start Date and Finish Date must be blank.  Once dates have been selected the job will no longer be considered Backlog.  Keep in mind, it requires a project name/foremen to show up.


- In Progress is any project that is scheduled, or in progress.  Again, if the Start Date and Finish Date are populated the job will be considered In Progress.

- Complete is any project that is 100% complete [work area] and has a status of 'Complete' 


Congratulations! You now have an understanding of how to set and monitor your production goals in real time.


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