How to Edit Fields at the Company Page

How to Edit Fields at the Company Page

FCS users have the option to customize their view of a company page.  By simply clicking on "Edit Fields" you can customize your view to specific information.  This view is customized to your login. 

(NOTE: If you do not see any property information while on a company page, you may not be configured correctly.  This article will show you how to ensure you can view the necessary information on the company page.)   


Step 1

Go to the company you wish to edit; while in the company record, you will notice the "Edit Fields" button on the right-hand side of the page.



Step 2

The "Edit Fields" options window will appear.  Simply select the information which will be important to you.  Once completed simply click the "Update" button and you are all set.



Congratulations!  you have just customized your company page for your properties.



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