FCS Enhancements (May 14th, 2019)

FCS Update: Summary


- Operations Calendar Loading Time:
The operations calendar has been optimized to increase loading times and overall performance.
- Editing 'Bill To' address for Record Adding Extra Characters:
Bug fix addressed all new line characters being replaced with four "Z's" when editing the "Bill To" address on a property instead of preserving the newline character
- FCS Mobile App Enhancement:
This enhancement allows apostrophes to be used in invoice IDs without causing errors in the mobile app while punching into a different ticket.
- Sorting Opportunities:
Bug fix addressed when "To Date" was selected on the opportunity report, the statuses were not filtering out properly
- PDF to Include License Number in Footer of Inspection Report:
The contractor license number entered through the Company Information profile now displays in the footer section of the PDF report.
- Deficiency Picture Not Populating:
Bug fix addressed if the same deficiency was dispatched more than once, pictures were only moving over to the supporting documents section of the service dispatch tickets the first time they were dispatched. Every time after this the files were attempting to use the same filename and thus were failing to write to the cloud to avoid overwriting another file with the same name. Now all files will always move to the supporting documents using a different filename.
- PDF Formatting Enhancement: 
Part of the PDF footer on some PDF reports was being cut off if there was too much to fit. With this release, we extended the width of the footer so that longer lines could fit without getting forced to a new line which may cause the footer to be cut off in other more rare scenarios.
- Project Files not Showing up Properly:
Bug fix addressed project files that were not showing up when they have been in the mobile interface when viewing project files. up so that any file type could be uploaded to project files instead of only PDFs.


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