FCS Enhancements (June 25, 2019)

FCS Update: Summary

New Features

Outstanding Liabilities by Property Report:
-A new toolbox tool used for reporting on "outstanding liabilities" or uncompleted deficiencies. This tool displays all companies and properties that have a logged deficiency that has not yet been marked as completed along with totaled cost amounts. The report is searchable by company, property, and group. Enable this tool through your toolbox admin [within user administration]. 


RTM Agreements Not Appearing on Powerboard:
-RTM Agreements that are for a company or property that have been deleted from FCS will no longer show in the RTM Agreements report.

PDF Issue - Service Supporting Documents spacing off:
-The "Supporting Documents" section of the FCS service invoice can now fit more text in problem description and corrective action without running onto the next page.

One Day Projects not Showing on Powerboard:
-The PowerBoard will now show all tickets even if they overlap over several different days. Sometimes overlapping tickets were covered by other tickets even in the expanded view, this will no longer happen with this enhancement.

Service Report Function:
-Companies that were using the same value of their general ledger for several different invoice types were running into a couple of bugs in our service reporting, these have been addressed with this fix.

Advanced Service Report:
-"Date on Invoice" has been added to the date type filter of the dispatch board
-Links to the dispatch board from the Service Trak tool will now be accurately reflected by the dispatch board results.

Powerboard Filter:
-Disabled technicians can now be filtered out in the dispatch board.


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