FCS Enhancements (July 16, 2019)

FCS Update: Summary


Timecard Only Users Added to Powerboard
-Timecard Only users can now be displayed on the Powerboard. Administrators will need to edit the user profile of Timecard Only users to enable them to be viewed on the Powerboard. Note: Timecard Only users will not be able to access the Service Schedule or punch into the tickets that are assigned to them within the mobile interface.

Outstanding Liabilities Report
-Added the ability to export the report in .CSV format.
-Added a brief description of the report's intention.

Opportunity files visible in Cloud Files
-Opportunity files are now visible in the company and property cloud files. These files can also be turned on for Client Portal users to access from the Client Portal just like regular cloud files.
-UI and functionality improvements to the "Send" file page.

RTM Report Fixes
-Added group column and fixed the offset columns in the export.





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