FCS Enhancements (August 6, 2019)

FCS Update: Summary


"Arrival ETA" Field
-The "Arrival ETA" Field has been added to the list of available fields within the dispatch board reporting tool.

Service Invoice Tax Percentage
-Prior to this update, users were limited to just two decimal places in their tax percentages. Users can now go to three. For example: instead of 7.88% users can now use 7.875% for better accuracy.

Load Time/Export Enhancements and Error Removal
- Users will notice an overall improvement in the load times of the home page, production detail report & export and opportunity reporting.

Documents Tab: Company Header and Footer
- The property documents tab now saves user's settings for including the company header and footer to their document. Users will no longer have to change their preferences each time they load a new document. 

Qwikbid Proposal PDF
-Changes to the visual design of all Qwikbid generated PDFs have been made to add consistency across all the template options as well as improve the overall look and feel.  

Global Search Enhancement
-When searching by company or property address, users can now search by the Address 2 field (example: "Suite 2").

Global Search Bug Fixes
-Users can now search by company/property account managers. 

Production Workflow PDF Export
-Users can now export a list of workflow items for a production job into a PDF format. 



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