FCS Enhancements (October 8, 2019)

  • Overall Improved System Performance
    • We have made overall performance enhancements over the last 3 months that have resulted in the average page load time of FCS being 2.3x faster.
  • Add Surcharges to your Service Invoices
    • You can now add surcharges to your Service Invoices and adjust global surcharge settings per group. You can also select which invoice type(s) your surcharges should be added to - as well as add them on the fly when editing a Service Invoice. Surcharges have the option of either being a flat rate or a percentage and also have the option of being taxable or non-taxable.
  • Remove Signature from OPM Invoices
    • You can now delete the signature image from an OPM Billing Invoice. And, a signature will only show by default if it existed on the last project or invoice.
  • OPM Emails Now Filtered by Groups
    • Daily OPM emails will now be filtered by group. So, you will only get OPM email updates for projects that belong to the same group as the user.
  • Pagination Added to Deficiencies in Client Portal
    • When editing deficiencies in the Client Portal, if you have over 70 deficiencies, they will now be paginated to prevent slow loading times and data not saving properly.
  • Required Invoice Type
    • You must now select an Invoice Type before you can create or update a service dispatch ticket in the desktop interface. We also added error messages to better communicate issues with the invoice, if any.
  • Inspection Report PDF Display Improvements
    • Section names, no matter how long, will now fit properly on the Inspection Report PDF.
  • Extra Spaces Removed in Fields
    • All fields are now trimmed of white space so that if you enter a space after typing something in a field, that space will not be saved. This helps to avoid any issues when searching through fields.
  • Improved Service Ticket Loading Times
    • The load time of Service Tickets has been cut down dramatically when you attempt to load them from the Service tab on the Property page.


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