Setting and Applying Surcharges in FCS

Setting and Applying Surcharges in FCS

FCS allows companies to create & apply surcharge entries covering specific charges, fees, etc. that are regularly applied to their invoices, so users don’t have to keep creating them manually over & over.


Step 1

Go to ToolBox, then click Admin.



Step 2

Click on Service Dispatch Settings.



Step 3

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “add new surcharge”.



Step 4

Input the relevant information for the new surcharge; charges can be set to a flat rate or percentage, and can be made taxable if needed.




Step 5

Select which invoice types you want the surcharge to be applied to by default (if any), then click “save”.



Step 6

The new surcharge will appear in the list and can be edited or disabled as needed.



Step 7

When editing an invoice, you now have the option to add a surcharge manually.



Step 8

You will be prompted to select an existing surcharge, or create a new custom surcharge (as a one-off; repeat surcharges should be created through the Service Dispatch settings as shown above).





Step 9

The new surcharge will appear on the invoice, and can be deleted if necessary.




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