Blocked Emails & "Message not accepted for policy reasons" Error Messages

Blocked Emails & "Message not accepted for policy reasons" Error Messages

Some email clients may receive FCS notification emails as spam, or may be blocked by the recipient due to firewall or spam filters.  FCS sends email notifications on behalf of customers, so the sending domain may not match the domain we are sending from.  For example, if a customer email is, then their sending domain is  FCS is using to send the email, so the recipient email sees this as not matching (spoofing), and rejects the email.

FCS uses mailgun as our sending email server for email notifications.  The most reliable way of sending these emails, is to contact FCS support to request to setup domain verification. This will also require the customer to have access to their domains DNS (Domain Name Server) settings, to add two TXT records, and configure MX records.

It will look something like this as an example:

FCS requests a domain verification for '', then FCS support sends the customer some information they will need to add to their DNS settings.  Important: this is NOT done on the root domain (, but on a subdomain (


The customer adds these records into their domain provider's DNS settings

Common providers include:
Network Solutions
Rackspace Email & Apps
Rackspace Cloud DNS
Amazon Route 53
Digital Ocean

After the customer has completed adding the records to their domain DNS, FCS can check the domain verification to see if it sees the changes.  This usually takes a few minutes to an hour.


After all records have been verified, FCS will make some minor changes to mail configurations to have mail start sending on the verified domain.  Recipients email should now start seeing email from the same email address (, because it is being sent using a trusted domain

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