FCS Enhancements (November 5, 2019)

ADMINISTRATIVE (5 System Updates)

FE 129 Invoicing
Enhancement to the Invoice Description Field, with the Addition of Descriptive Labor Line Items: When editing a service invoice, a user can now enter a description for labor line items. Previous to this
enhancement, the description field did not display on the invoice or on the labor line item after hitting
save. This field now shows when viewing the invoice on the ticket page and when generating the invoice

FE 141 Invoicing
Invoice Enhancement, "PAID IN FULL": Update to system invoice payment status changes. Invoices are
no longer to be marked as "Paid in Full" when the invoice status is changed to "Closed Out". If no payments
have been logged in the system, then the status will remain unchanged.

FE 130 Invoicing
Enhancement to the Service Ticket Invoice Date: The Invoiced Date of service tickets will no longer be
automatically updated, unless it is the first time that the ticket reached the Invoiced stage, to avoid
discrepancies in service reporting. The Invoiced Date field is now editable, in case the user needs to
make an update. If a user changes the Invoiced Date their change will be stamped in the Invoice History.

FE 142 Invoicing
Send Client Invoice for Mobile: Enhancement to support sending Client Invoices from a Mobile Device.
Sending a service ticket invoice from the mobile interface updates the invoice sent date

FE 136 Payroll Workflow
TimeCard Export Enhancement: This enhancement supports expanded reporting for TimeCard Exports.
In particular, the TimeCard export now includes non-billable hours and customer names

DEVELOPMENT (9 System Updates)

FE 137 Errors
Fix for Deficiencies Showing on Initiate Service Ticket: Fixed deficiencies are no longer available in the
individual deficiencies from inspections list when initiating a service ticket.

FE 138 Errors
Fix for Excel Download from Dispatch Board: Exports of service tickets from the dispatch board were
pulling labor amounts into the invoice amount column for "Contract" type tickets, the contract amount
now properly populates within the export.

FE 140 Errors
Fix for Invalid Default Date 1969 When Adding Service Hours: Adding labor/travel hours from the mobile interface no longer saves as an invalid date.

FE 144 Errors
Fix to Zero Value Change Orders: In the Production Module AIA Billing format, a $0.00 change order was displaying as a blank line item on the PDF export. Now it displays the correct data - $0.00.

FE 145 Errors
Fix to Deals Filter In Mobile Providing Inconsistent Data: Filters were not working properly while viewing opportunities on the "Deals" report in the mobile interface. This has been resolved.

FE 146 Errors
Fix Issue with AIA Billing: When users were creating what is known as a "Draw" to a project in the
production module, the PDF export of the draw was cutting off the description. This has been resolved.

FE 147 Errors
Enhancement to Continuation Sheet Format: AIA Billing in the production module caused the PDF export to spill over to a second page when it did not need to. The formatting was fixed to prevent this.

FE 134 Functionality
Mobile Enhancement: Expanded functionality for Mobile PowerBoard users. Users accessing the
PowerBoard through mobile devices, have the ability to scroll in the ticket queue of the PowerBoard.
(Desktop Login on Mobile Device)

FE 135 Functionality
Enhancement to iOS Update Causing FCS Mobile Crash When Viewing PDF Files: When viewing an
inspection report PDF from a mobile iOS device the PDF viewer no longer causes the application to

SALES MODULE (2 System Updates)

FE 125 CRM
Addition of New Opportunity Status: A new opportunity status option named "Cancelled" has been
added. This status is like the "Dead" status but will not count as a lost sale in reporting calculations.

FE 132 CRM
Opportunities on Calendar Toggle: This feature provides a Calendar Toggle for Sales Users. Specifically,
checking the "Show Completed" checkbox on the calendar will only display opportunities with the status
of "Lead". In addition, if the customer does not have the "Lead" status available in their system, quoted
opportunities will continue to show on the calendar if the show completed checkbox is still checked.

PRODUCTION MODULE (4 System Updates)

FE 126 Job Management
Contract Billing Report: Enhancement to the Contract Billing Report now includes an export .CSV file that matches the exact columns and data being shown in the report.

FE 127 Job Management
OPM Photo Orientation: Enhancement that allows users to rotate images in production job daily reports
(desktop version). Previously users could not rotate the orientation when editing or adding photos to
the daily progress reports.

FE 131 Job Management
Client Portal OPM Report Enhancement: This enhancement introduces an additional layer of security for Contractors utilizing the Client Portal. Moving forward, client portal users are only able to see OPM
(Production Module) reports that have been approved by the Foreman of the job.

FE 133 Job Management
Production Contract and Opportunity Amount Updates: An enhancement to support better quality
reporting and less manual tasks for users. This enhancement creates an automatic update between
opportunity and production contract amounts. Specifically, when an opportunity amount is updated
that is linked to a production job, the production job contract amount will be updated automatically to

REPORTING (3 System Updates)

FE 139 Export Configuration
Export Enhancement: Two new columns have been added to the export Contract Value and Contract
Cost, showing the Billable and Actual total amounts respectively.

FE 143 Export Configuration
Timberline Export AR Variables (ISTAXABLE and EMPLOYEE): When exporting from the dispatch board using Timberline Advanced or Simple Template export types ISTAXABLE was added to the invoice level (as opposed to line item level) and was changed from "Y" or "N" to "Tax" or "Non".

FE 128 Templates
Documents Tab Variable Enhancement: Previous to this update, users creating a template in the
documents tab, could only select variables from the current company/property/contact. This
enhancement expands this ability and allows users to add variables from Vendors (located in the side
bar). The new Vendor variables allows the user to select vendor details, including name, address, and
contact information. These Vendor variables are then populated into the templates.


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