FCS Enhancements (January 7th, 2020)

01/07/2020 FCS Update Summary

4 System Updates (Key Sub Area Summary)

FE - 191 Invoicing (Billing)
Enhancement to Service Invoicing: this update adds a warning message that alerts the user that the company has Custom Invoice types but does NOT have them set up properly in their settings. If a customer is using custom Invoice types but does not have any types added they cannot create a Service Dispatch (only a client portal user can).

FE - 178 User Management
Enhancement to the User Administration Page: now featuring a User Change Log. This log includes the following information: changes made to users, which users made the changes, and when these changes were made. In addition, the User Change Log supports administrative users reconciling changes to billable user counts and supports filtering capabilities.

FE - 179 User Management
Enhancement to User Administration: updates to verbiage and page layout.

FE - 189 User Management
Enhancement to User Permissions: with this update, if a user is setup to be an admin, the permission that allows them to replace aerials must be turned on in the UI of the user settings.


19 System Updates (Key Sub Area Summary)

FE - 180 Fixes
Fix for Custom Company/Property Fields: saved values for Company and Property Records now display properly on both the Company and Property Page.

FE - 181 Fixes
Fix for Production Detail Map Icon: instead of being directed to an error message, the user is now directed to the Production Detail Map when selecting the icon.

FE - 182 Fixes
Fix to GC Settings: resolved an issue that limited a user from successfully updating a company's General Contractor (GC) settings.

FE - 183 Fixes
Fix to Dispatch Board Filter: previously, searching by Custom Company or Custom Property text fields on the Dispatch Board inaccurately returned Zero (0) results. This has been resolved and results display an accurate count.

FE - 184 Fixes
Fix to Service Invoice Date: prior to this update, when a Service Dispatch Ticket status was updated in the desktop interface, the invoice date was updated to the current date and time, regardless of the ticket's status. With this fix, the invoice date will no longer automatically update with each status update.

FE - 185 Fixes
Fix to Contact Search Export: with this fix, users can now search Contacts by Custom Company or Custom Property fields, and export to an Excel report.

FE - 186 Fixes
Fix to User Access Settings: prior to this update, all users were able to access the Inspection Tool through the BidIt button on the mobile home screen. With this fix, only the users assigned can access the Inspection Tool.

FE - 188 Fixes
Fix to Service Custom Fields: prior to this update, Custom Fields on a Service Dispatch Ticket only pulled from the Company Settings and not by the Group settings. Now, if a group has its own Custom Field settings, these will now pull properly.

FE - 190 Fixes
Fix to Service Custom Invoice Types: previously, if a user created a Service Dispatch with Custom Invoice types, the Invoice type was not defaulting to the correct value. This has been resolved for custom types.

FE - 192 Fixes
Fix to Drop-Down SubGroup List: prior to this update, the subgroup dropdown was not displaying properly on the Service Dispatch ticket page, for some users, based on their permissions and group settings. This has been resolved.

FE - 193 Fixes
Fix to Production Contract Value: when creating a new Opportunity and sending it to Production a popup warning was incorrectly prompting the user that the changes they made to the opportunity amount would also update the contract value of a non-existent associated Production job. With this update, the message only appears when editing an Opportunity that has an existing Production job associated with it and the Opportunity amount has changed.

FE - 194 Fixes
Fix to PowerBoard Scaling: prior to this update, using the back, forward, and today buttons on the PowerBoard were causing errors. This has been resolved.

FE - 195 Fixes
Fix to Inspection Detail - Date/Time: with this update, Activity times now take into account the time zone when displaying the time of the activity in the mobile interface after clicking on the activity from the schedule.

FE - 196 Fixes
Fix to the Estimate Labor Glitch: an extra field condition "_scale" was automatically showing up on all estimates in the FCS Estimate module and has been resolved with this update.

FE - 197 Fixes
Fix to Company Record: this update resolves an issue where under unusual circumstances a single company record listed as a Client would show under both Candidates and Clients contacts lists.

FE - 198 Fixes
Fix to Lead Source Tracking, Opportunities and Dispatch Issues: fixed an issue where the check all checkbox was not working on the groups/divisions filter.

FE - 199 Fixes
Fix to Invoice Scaling Issues: prior to this update, users reported the display of the invoice scaling too large when viewing or editing an invoice, making the on-screen text difficult to read. Now, the invoice area on the service dispatch ticket page resizes to the window of the user's device.

FE - 200 Fixes
Fix to New Company Record: previously, when a user entered a new company and inputted the contact info and pressed the tab key, it automatically put their cursor at the end of the input instead of the beginning. This has been resolved.

FE - 201 System Optimization
Database Enhancement: removed code from the system that provided no purpose to the user.

1 System Update (Key Sub Area Summary)

FE - 187 CRM
Enhancement to Opportunities: added new column called Project ID that will display the Production Job ID linked to the opportunity. In addition, changed wording on the Opportunities Tab of a Company and Property to be more consistent. Specifically, the system now reads Bid ID instead of Project #, Estimate ID or Project ID to describe an estimate's unique identifier.

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