FCS Enhancements (February 4th, 2020)

02/04/2020 FCS Update Notes

ADMINISTRATIVE: 5 System Updates

FE - 204 Invoicing (Billing)
Invoicing Enhancement: Added a drop down to labor lines when editing an invoice so that they can be edited and changed to either travel or labor after they have been added to the invoice.

FE - 222 Invoicing (Billing)
AIA Enhancement: The "Schedule of Values" functionality in the FCS Production Module was limited to a certain number of values that could be added. Once past a certain number the % option will not allow a value of 0.00%. Additional back-end changes were made to increase data accuracy in this feature.

FE - 203 User Management
TimeCard Export Enhancement: A redesign of the TimeCard export, removing old fields and adding new options! New fields include: "Export Field 1", "Export Field 2", and "Export Field 3". These fields will be included in all TimeCard exports.

FE - 208 User Management
Time Zone User Enhancements: Update added time zone labels to user permission settings so users will know what time zone permissions are enforced in.

FE - 209 User Management
User Change Log: Added time zone labels to the user change log for the time settings user permission change.

DEVELOPMENT: 19 System Updates

FE - 210 Database
Cloud Storage Enhancement: When a user adds a document to a company/property only applicable fields will display.

FE - 205 Fixes
Service Report Bug Fixes: Resolved issues with links taking users to the wrong filters.

FE - 207 Fixes
Bug Fix "Activity Deleted": This update removed the ability to edit and delete "Activity Deleted" notes and hid visible HTML tags saved to a company/property.

FE - 211 Fixes
Estimate Bug Fix: Resolved an error where, In some unique scenarios, all materials were being deleted at the end of an estimate when making final adjustments to the field conditions or material items.

FE - 212 Fixes
Dispatch Board Contract Amount Bug Fix: The contract amount will now populate into the invoice amount field on the dispatch board and other service reporting.

FE - 213 Fixes
Dispatch Board Export All Bug Fix: "Export All" function from the dispatch board was maxing out at 1,000 items. This was fixed by removing the 1,000 per export limit.

FE - 214 Fixes
QwikBid Proposal Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where QwikBid proposals were rounding the total sales price to the tenths place instead of the hundredths place.

FE - 215 Fixes
Opportunities Bug Fix: The "Date" column will now match the current status date and "Last Action" will now act as a timestamp that reflects the last time the opportunity was updated.

FE - 216 Fixes
OPM Image Bug Fix: Some email clients are not rendering all images contained in daily OPM project emails. ** This fix may not work for every email client but should help prevent the issue.

FE - 217 Fixes
OPM Report Bug Fix: Some OPM reports were being sent out twice because the system was not accurately checking if the email had been sent already or not. If an email has been sent once it will not send again automatically, only if the user triggers it to send again manually.

FE - 218 Fixes
Document Tab Bug Fix: User variables in the templates/documents tab was pulling user data only for the user that created the template. Data will now pull for whichever user is selected in the variables user drop down. Spell Check has been removed from the editor. The browser's spell check will now be used instead.

FE - 219 Fixes
Materials Bug Fix: When using the "Markup All Materials" feature at the bottom of the 'Edit Default Materials List' admin page the prices were being marked up for all materials for the customer instead of only the materials they have filtered down to and being shown on the page.

FE - 220 Fixes
Timestamps Bug Fix: Time Stamps in the notes section on the company and property pages were saving in the database with the incorrect time zone so timestamps were appearing to be hours into the future.

FE - 221 Fixes
Dispatch Bug Fix: When creating a dispatch from the client portal on some mobile devices the "send dispatch" button was being covered by the textbox once the user filled it with enough text. This issue has been resolved.

FE - 223 Fixes
AIA Bug Fix: Previously completed values were not carried over to the next AIA Draw when attempting to make an additional AIA Bill. This has been resolved.

FE - 224 Fixes
Mobile Dispatch Schedule Bug Fix: Property names were being concatenated to each other in the mobile service and project schedule if a user was restricted to the mobile interface only.

FE - 225 Fixes
Login Logo Bug Fix: Some files being used in our code were accessing Rackspace file URLs preventing us from being able to turn off public access to some of the Rackspace buckets. All of these files have been downloaded and added to the FCS application assets and the references in the code have been changed to these new file locations.

FE - 226 Fixes
Notification Email Bug Fix: If there were two or more spaces in a contact's name (example: "Daniel Anton Rose") the log which obtained the contact's information would break.

FE - 206 Functionality
Service Report UI Updates: Redesign to the Service Report that included changes to filters on the service report to match the dispatch board. Removed vendors from "technicians" filter in dispatch board dropdown. Added a new 'Vendor' dropdown in the dispatch board filter.

SALES MODULE: 0 System Updates

SERVICE MODULE: 0 System Updates


REPORTING: 1 System Update

FE - 202 Record Lists
Alphanumeric Prefix and Suffix on Invoice IDs: With this update administrative users will be able to set alphanumeric invoice ID prefixes and suffixes. These will automatically be prepended/appended to every service dispatch invoice ID created in FCS. These settings can be configured company-wide or by group.


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