FCS Enhancements (March 3rd, 2020)

03/03/2020 FCS Update Notes



Invoicing (Billing) Enhancement: Major Users now can bill any company that they have in their system
when setting the 'bill to company' on a service dispatch. If a company is billed for service work that was
done for a different company in the system, then the company that was billed will show up in the
Vendors tab of the company that the service work was done for - labeled as a "Bill To" type.


DEVELOPMENT: 5 System Updates

Invoicing (Billing) Bug Fix: "ZZZZ" was showing up randomly in property address fields when displaying
on service invoices. This has been fixed.

Notes Timeline Bug Fix: Timestamps on emails & notes were saving times in the wrong time zone which
was offsetting them by 6 hours when displayed to the user in the company/property notes tab. This has
been fixed.

Client View Mode Bug Fix: The Roof Replacement tab in the Client View mode was not displaying
information from Roof Replacement opportunities and re-roof budgets were not showing on the
'inspection report proposal' when the user expected them to. This has been fixed.

Production Contract Bug Fix: New lines were not saving when a user was editing the client or property
address in the “Production” > “Contract” tab. New lines will now be saved and preserved properly within
these inputs.

RTM Agreements Report Bug Fix: Use of the hashtag character (“#”) was causing the CSV export from
the RTM report to error out resulting in only a partial export. This has been fixed.

SALES MODULE: 1 System Update

CRM Enhancement: Users can now search by invoice ID in the CRM Global Search.

SERVICE MODULE: 0 System Updates



OPM (Project Management) Enhancement: We made a UI change to the Production tab on properties.
Moved the "Daily Progress" tab to the first tab at the top. This tab now defaults as selected instead of
the "Workflow" tab.

Job Set-Up Enhancement: We made a UI change to the Production tab on properties. Added a "Setup"
tab where all of the project settings are now held.

Take-offs Enhancement: A Field Condition PDF will now generate whether a Take-Off has been
performed or not - when going through the bid process in Bidpad.

REPORTING: 6 System Updates

Opportunity Report Enhancement: Users loading the Opportunity report for each month of the year
noticed some differences between the last time they ran that same report for the same month in the
past. This has been fixed.

Opportunity Report Enhancement: The Opportunity report filters have been rebuilt and relabeled to help clear up any confusion for the user.

Opportunity Report Enhancement: The different Opportunity report mode links have been changed into tabs.

Opportunity Report Enhancement: If there was a long description in the opportunity on the Opportunity report, it would affect the report column and row spacing making it difficult to read the Opportunity report. This has been fixed.

Opportunity Report Enhancement: Disabled users can now be included when filtering the results of a

Lead Tracking Report Enhancement: Lead Tracking report filters have been updated and all visual bugs
in the Lead Tracking report have been fixed.


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