FCS Enhancements (April 29, 2020)

 04/29/2020 FCS Update Notes

 ADMINISTRATIVE: 2 System Updates

Group Custom Field Type Settings: Groups now have the option of changing their custom field type to
something different from the global setting (with all five custom fields).

Change from Operations to Production: The word 'Operations' was changed to 'Production' on the FCS


DEVELOPMENT: 6 System Updates

New Zealand Time Zones: Added a new module for New Zealand time zones.

Metric Units: Added a new module for metric units.

Free Formatting of Phone Numbers: Added a new module to turn off forced formatting of phone

Auto Country Population: When editing an address in the 'State/Province' drop down, it will adjust
automatically according to the country that the address is located in.

Supporting Doc Whitespace Removed: When clicking on the 'Preview Supporting Doc' from the Service
Dispatch page, the PDF generated was only putting one picture on a page in some situations - adding a
lot of white space to the PDF. This has been fixed.

Deficiency Printing from a Mobile Device: When printing a webpage of a deficiency and its description
from a mobile device, any overflowing text will no longer be cut off.

SALES MODULE: 2 System Updates

Proposal Section Formatting: If the 'Authorization to Proceed' section on a repair Proposal overflows
onto the next page, it will now move the entire section to the next page to prevent the data from being
cut in half between the two pages.

Prospects Tab Results: In the Prospects tab of the Contacts page, the same company would
occasionally show up twice in the results. This has been fixed.


SERVICE MODULE: 5 System Updates

Custom Fields for Service Dispatches: Added 3 new additional custom fields to Service Dispatches
with full options (can be open text or drop down). All custom fields can be shown on the Dispatch
Board. The three new custom fields can also be added to the Excel export from the Dispatch Board if

Warranty Info on Mobile Dispatch Notes: Added Warranty information to the Dispatch Additional Notes on the mobile interface.

Contacts on Mobile Ticket Details: Contacts will now display in the mobile app when viewing ticket

Deleted Vendors Removed from ‘Bill To’: When selecting the 'Bill To' field on a Service Invoice, vendors
that have been deleted from the system will no longer be displayed in the dropdown as an option.

Linking Contacts to Dispatches: If a Contact associated to a Property has the same email address as
another Contact associated to the Property, both of these Contacts will now display in the dropdown
when linking a Contact to a Dispatch.


Days of Work Displayed in Descending Order: The Days of Work column on the Daily Progress Report list now displays in descending order.

Production Info Available on Opportunity Page: Once an Opportunity has been sent to Production, all of the Production information will now be visible from the Opportunity page - including viewing the
sections that were included on the job.


REPORTING: 5 System Updates

Confirmed Dispatches Included in Stats: Service dispatches with the status of 'Confirmed' are now
included in the stats for 'Service Completed' on the FCS Dashboard.

QwikBid Report Formatting: Deficiency area markers and aerial image plot points shown on QwikBid
reports will no longer be pushed to the next page.

Client Portal Section Data: If a section has no data to display in the Client Portal, a tab labeled 'no data
recorded' will now show.

Client Portal Section Options: When Client Portal users attempted to select a section when sending out
a service dispatch request from the Client Portal, it was not showing them any section options. This has
been fixed.

Client Portal Dispatch Usernames: If a service dispatch is created by a non-Client Portal user, the
'Created By' column will now display the actual username instead of a placeholder value.

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