FCS Enhancements (June 4th, 2020)

06/04/2020 FCS Update Notes

 ADMINISTRATIVE: 3 System Updates
Estimate File Export Tool: The Estimate File Export Tool now works for both exporting and importing
Estimate materials/templates.

"Manage Groups" Reflected in User Change Log: When re-assigning users to groups through the Admin “Manage Groups” page, changes will now be reflected in the User Change Log.

Upload .csv Material Lists by Category: Added functionality for users to upload .csv Material lists and
select their Categories. Also added a "Delete All" button to the Admin Deficiency Library and the Admin
Material Library.


DEVELOPMENT: 3 System Updates

Correct Time Zones Used on All Timestamps: In some instances, the incorrect time zone was being used when saving timestamps. This has been fixed.

Loading Safety Photos: Safety photos will now successfully upload.

Images Resized on Mobile Devices: Images have been resized on mobile devices to prevent them from appearing larger than they should.


SALES MODULE: 5 System Updates

Duplicate Contacts on Property and Company Levels: To avoid confusion when the same person is
recorded as a Contact on both the Company level and Property level, Property "P" and Company "C"
identifiers were added to Contact names.

Create Proposals in Roof Replacement Tab: The Roof Replacement tab in Client View Mode will now
display a "Create Proposal" link.

Documents Tab UI: Enhanced the layout of the Documents tab to prevent any page breaks.

Deficiency Timestamp Displayed on Inspection PDFs: Added the ability to display deficiency
timestamps on Inspection Reports. To display timestamps, use the show/hide control located in the
Client Portal under "View Property".

New “Coating” Recommendation Option: Added a new "Coating" recommendation option for use on
customer-facing reports and the Client Portal.


SERVICE MODULE: 6 System Updates

New "Send Invoice" Permission: A "Can send service dispatch invoices" checkbox was added to User
Settings. When checked, it will turn the "View Client Invoice" button on the invoice to "Send Client

Custom Invoice Fields Now Available to Technicians: A new setting allows users to make the custom
Invoice fields visible to technicians on the Service Ticket.

Dispatch Alert Notification Configuration: In some instances, technicians were not receiving Dispatch
alert notifications. This was fixed by correcting the configuration of the message data.

"Other" Deficiency Type on Service Invoices: When a user selects "Other" as a Deficiency Type, the
correct name will now display on the Service Invoice.

Sorting Invoice ID's with Alphanumeric Values: Alphanumeric Invoice IDs now sort properly on the
Dispatch Board.

Service Invoices Automatically Calculate: Service Invoices will now automatically calculate even if the
user never opens the Invoice. This ensures that accurate values are reflected on the Dispatch Board.



Production Tab Project Files UI: The layout of the Production tab was reformatted for ease of use and a
toggle button was added to show/hide listed Project files for Production jobs.

Change Orders Carry Over to Opportunity: When adding a Change Order to a Production job, the entered product will now carry over to the Opportunity.

All Production Jobs Archived: All Production jobs will now be archived, regardless of how large the
Production job list is.

OPM Report on Mobile Devices: When viewing an OPM Report on a mobile device, the text will no longer overlap over an image.

Ongoing Enhancements Made to Upgraded Production Module "OPS 5.0": Several enhancements and fixes have been made to the “OPS 5.0” Production Module.


REPORTING: 3 System Updates

Advanced Customization of PDF Reports: A new dashboard has been added to the Administrator menu
that allows users to edit the color scheme, font type, and watermark image on customer-facing reports
including the Daily Production Report, Inspection Report, QwikBid Proposal, and Service Dispatch

New QuickBooks Service Dispatch Export: We have developed a Service Dispatch export tool that is
designed for import into QuickBooks (.xls format).

Search by Job ID in Opportunity Report: Searching by Job ID now works properly on the Opportunity



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