FCS Enhancements (July 7th, 2020)


ADMINISTRATIVE (1 System Update)
Automatic Formatting of Phone Numbers: Phone numbers will now be automatically formatted with
parentheses and dashes throughout the system for users that do not have international phone number
formatting turned on.


DEVELOPMENT (0 System Updates)

SALES MODULE (1 System Update)
Takeoff Notes Now Allow Ampersands (&): Takeoff notes will now allow the use of an ampersand (&).

SERVICE MODULE (3 System Updates)
Service Invoice Totals Now Calculated Properly with Internet Explorer: When using Internet Explorer,
invoice totals will now calculate properly.

Materials Dropdown on Invoices No Longer Displays Deleted Unit Labels: Unit labels from materials that have been deleted will no longer display in the materials dropdown when editing a service invoice.

Move Service Tickets Across Companies and Properties: Users can now move a service ticket from one
Company/Property to another by cutting and pasting dispatches across Companies/Properties. Users
need to be set as Admin to utilize this feature.



Daily Production Project Report Emails: To prevent the same Daily Production Project Report email from being sent out multiple times, users can now only create one "Day of Work" entry for each date.

REPORTING (1 System Update)
Date Clarification on Opportunities Report: Columns on the Opportunities Report and Opportunity Report export have been updated to prevent confusion surrounding dates. On the Opportunity Report, "Date" has been changed to "Status Date" and on the Opportunity Report export, "Date" has been changed to "Last Action".


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