FCS Enhancements (August 4th, 2020)


ADMINISTRATIVE (3 System Updates)
Delete Customers Without Properties: Users are now able to delete companies (prospects, candidates, clients, and vendors) out of the system even if the company does not have any properties associated with it.

All Activity Reminder Alerts Being Sent on Correct Time Zone: Some users were receiving activity reminder alerts hours after they should have been received. It was found that some alerts were not being sent out on the correct time zone. This has been fixed.

"New Opportunity Sold" Notifications Will No Longer Count Deleted Opportunities: The number of "New Opportunity Sold" system alerts and the counter next to the notification will no longer count deleted opportunities.

DEVELOPMENT (0 System Updates)

SALES MODULE (2 System Updates)
Change a Prospect to a Vendor with New "Type" Field: A "Type" dropdown field has been added to the company page (when in edit mode) that will allow users to change the company from a customer to a vendor and vice versa. The customer option, as opposed to vendor, will change depending on the status of the company (prospect, candidate, or client).

Estimate Deficiency Labels Now Showing Properly on iPads: Due to an Apple iOS update, the Estimate deficiency labels were not rendering properly on iPads. This issue has been fixed.

SERVICE MODULE (6 System Updates)
Use Ampersands (&) Within the PO Module: The PO module will now allow the use of an ampersand (&) without any issues.

Dispatch Board Filters Now Saved by User Session: If a user sets filters on the Dispatch Board, navigates away from it, and comes back to it, they will no longer have to reset their filters. All filters will now save to the user's session.

Sort Custom Fields on Dispatch Board: When on the Dispatch Board, if a user clicks on a custom field column, they can now sort that column by ascending or descending.

Custom Service Dispatch Field Settings Now Carry Over: Custom service dispatch field settings were not carrying over from the global settings to the group settings. This has been fixed.

"Dispatched By" Column on the Dispatch Board Now Showing Correct Name: Some service tickets were showing the incorrect "Dispatched By" name when being pulled from the Client Portal. This has been fixed.

"Invoiced Date" and "Arrival / ETA Date" Columns Added to the Dispatch Board: The "Invoiced Date" and "Arrival / ETA Date" have been added to the Dispatch Board as optional columns to use in place of the "Last Modified Date" column - which is updated when work is completed and when a service ticket is opened (and the invoice amounts are automatically recalculated).

Disabled Users Removed as Senders of "Project Start" Emails: If a user is selected as the sender for "Project Start" emails and that user becomes disabled, the system will no longer show them as the one sending the emails.

REPORTING (1 System Update)
Updated "Status Date" Column on Opportunities Tab: The "Status Date" column on the company and property page opportunity tabs will now show the most recent status change date or in much more rare cases, the last action date will be shown if there is no status change date.


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