FCS Enhancements (September 11th, 2020)


ADMINISTRATIVE (2 System Updates)

Receive Email and/or Text Opportunity Sold Alerts: To receive email alerts when an Opportunity is sold, check the email permission box. To receive text alerts, check the text permission box.

Record New Zealand Cell Phone Numbers: Users can now enter New Zealand international cell phone numbers when editing a user’s settings.


DEVELOPMENT (0 System Updates)


SALES MODULE (2 System Updates)

Coating Template Now Sends Data to Client Portal and Calculates Costs: Adding a Price per Sq. Ft. to a Coating Template in the Admin Recommendations settings will translate to the Recommendations Tab in the Client Portal. The Cost per Sq. Ft. will be used to calculate a coating cost when the type "Coating" is selected.

Opportunities on Company and Property Pages Now Displaying Correct Dates: The wrong date was displaying in the "Status Date" column on the Opportunities tab when on a Company or Property page. This has been fixed.


SERVICE MODULE (8 System Updates)

Access New Service Accountability Report (KPI Report Tool): A new tab has been added to the Service Report toolbox tool for tracking the frequency that service tickets move through their statuses and along the pipeline. Results can be filtered by a custom range in the Timeframe filter and two different groups’ results can be compared at the same time.

Invoice Surcharges Now Calculating Properly: Previously, if a comma was added to the Subtotal or the Surcharge in the Edit Invoice section of a Service Ticket, the surcharge was not calculating properly on the Invoice. This has been fixed.

View All Users by Zip Code on the Service Map: When there is more than one technician located in the same zip code, the Service Map will now show all technicians in that zip code on the map.

Custom Fields and Pictures Now Displaying on Service Ticket Supporting Documents PDF: For some users, custom fields and/or pictures were not displaying on the Service Ticket's Supporting Documents PDF. This has been fixed.

View Dispatch History on Company Level: If a Service Ticket’s "Bill To" field is set to a company, that ticket will now show on the company’s Service tab. The company’s Service tab will show Service Tickets that are completed and Service Tickets that have been billed to that company.

Link Now in Subject Line for Service Dispatch Approval Text Messages: Service Dispatch Approval text messages contain a link within them that was taking users to a "not found" page due to the service provider truncating the text message. You can now access the link via the text's subject line.

Change Order of Priorities on Service Tickets: Users can now change the order of their priorities on Service Tickets - which will be accurately reflected on all past tickets.

Custom Fields Now Showing on Dispatch Board Export When Using Groups: When doing an export from the Dispatch Board with groups, the custom field columns would display empty values. The custom field values will now show in Dispatch Board exports even if there are groups.


PRODUCTION MODULE (0 System Updates)


REPORTING (0 System Updates)



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