FCS Enhancements (November 3rd, 2020)


ADMINISTRATIVE (1 System Update)
Set Alternate Logo: The option to set an alternate logo on reports has been added to the Admin settings.


DEVELOPMENT (0 System Updates)

SALES MODULE (9 System Updates)

Estimate Materials Now Auto-Save: When building an estimate in the FCS Estimate tool, the materials
selected will now save even if the user leaves the page and comes back to it.


Zip Code Added to Inspection Report: The zip code field has been added to the address shown on
Inspection Report PDF headers.


Removed Character Limit on Observation Photo Comments: The character/text limit for Observation
photo comments has been removed.


Signature Now Displays on QwikBid PDFs: Signed QwikBid PDFs are now displaying the signature of the individual that approved the work, in addition to displaying the date that the PDF was signed.


Updated QwikBid Email Notification Settings: FCS will attach a user to the "BCC" of the optional email
that is sent to the customer towards the end of the QwikBid workflow. The checkbox that enables the
BCC has been renamed from "When a QwikBid is created" to "When a QwikBid is emailed".


Activity Date Now Required Before Saving: When creating an activity, if the date was entered in the
wrong format, it would be saved as 12/31/1969. Now, the user will be alerted if the date was entered in
the wrong format and will not be able to save the activity until it is corrected.


Missing Invoice History Timestamps: On the rare instance that a timestamp was not properly set in the
Invoice History Notes, the timestamp would default to displaying the current time. Now, missing
timestamps will display 'No timestamp available'.


Updates to Company Name Now Updates Site Name: When a Prospect is created, the Company Name
is automatically saved as the Site Name of the Corporate Property. When the Company Name is
updated on the Contact page, the Site name of the Property will now be automatically updated as well.


$0 Repair Cost Now Displays on QwikBids: When a deficiency on a QwikBid has an Estimated Repair
Cost of $0, the PDF will now display the $0 value.


SERVICE MODULE (2 System Updates)

View Deficiencies Linked to a Dispatch: A button was added to the ticket info page that will take users to a list of the current deficiencies linked to the selected Dispatch.


Dispatch Email Timestamp Now Saves in Correct Time Zone: A new time zone check ensures that times are now saved in the correct time zone.


PRODUCTION MODULE (2 System Updates)

Custom Fields Now Available Within Production Module: Custom fields, similar to what is available
within the Service module, are now available for use in the Production module. Two custom fields have
been added to the global operations menu. These fields, when filled out, will become available on the
Production setup page as well as on the Production detail tool and the Production daily progress report.


Fields Added to Daily Production Progress Report: The Production daily progress report will now display the Description field and Section field that were filled out on the Opportunity.


REPORTING (2 System Updates)

New Fields Added to Opportunity Report Export: Lead Date, Quoted Date, Canceled Date, and Dead Date fields have all been added to the export that is generated from the Opportunity Report.


All Fields Added to Contract Billing Report Export: The Contract Billing Report export now includes all
fields from the report such as "Amount Invoiced".


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