FCS Enhancements (August 2021)


ADMINISTRATIVE (1 System Update)

Dispatch Settings: Invoice ID prefix & suffix now accessible in administrator settings

DEVELOPMENT (0 System Updates)

SALES MODULE (6 System Updates)

Mobile Plotting: Added logic to check for permissions before allowing a user to replot a section using mobile.

CRM Search: Able to search by group while input in search bar is empty.

Calendar Time Zone: Email invite on calendar and FCS mobile notifications on schedule correctly adjusting for timezones


Inspection/Invoice Report: State input now visible in Admin Settings that will default to be blank instead of “XX”.


Coatings Budget Total: Logic added when calculating replacement value from sq. ft. that recommendation type cannot be “coating”. Added coating calculation from sq. ft. when recommendation type is “coating”.

Cloud Storage: Date, time, and user stamp added to all documents uploaded into the cloud storage

SERVICE MODULE (5 System Updates)
Service Summary of Labor Hours: Summation for labor and travel on a dispatch ticket now visible in both billable and actual sections.

Service Report: “Date on Invoice” and “Date Invoiced” labels switched to show a more semantic representation of data.

Adding Images via Desktop: Desktop is limited to uploading a max of 4 images per deficiency or fix (same as mobile) so the images fit properly in the PDF generated.

Service Repair: Ability added to record video during a repair/service ticket.

Warranty Info on Mobile: No longer defaulting to year 1969.


REPORTING (2 System Updates)
Month-End Service Report: Filter to include only days of the month selected (i.e. 2/1/2021 - 2/28/2021 would NOT include anything created on 3/1/2021) as expected.

Production Detail Report: This does not include archived data if you do not include it.



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