Ability to make changes to deficiency plot points from the service ticket on your desktop.


You now have the ability to add/edit/plot deficiency points on a service ticket from the FCS desktop interface.  Please follow the steps below.


Step 1: 

  • Notice the "Edit Deficiency" button on the right side of the page and above the aerial image (indicated by the red arrow). 
  • The "Edit Deficiencies" button will be present only when the dispatch ticket is in the following status: In Progress; Hold; Resolved, and Confirmed. 
  • The "Edit Deficiencies" button will NOT be enabled while the dispatch ticket is in any other status such as Dispatched or Invoiced.


Step 2: 

  • If deficiencies need to be added or changed in the dispatch ticket click on the "Edit Deficiencies" button. 
  • You will be directed to the "Verify Section" page in the FCS Mobi 5.0 application.  On this page please select the section to make deficiency changes. 
  • For example, we will be working in Section 1 the Auditorium.


Step 3: 

  • The "Identify Problems" page will house all the deficiencies for this particular dispatch ticket. 
  • In order to change a plot point for a deficiency simply click anywhere outlined in red below. 
  • In order to add and plot a new deficiency click on the "Add Problem" button.


Step 4: 

  • Clicking on a deficiency will take you to the "Location" page.
  • From here you can click on the "Undo" button to remove the existing plot and add a new plot or multiple plot points if necessary.


arrow.png undo.png


You can see the plot point has changed.


Step 5: 

  • Once your changes have been made you can either click the "Next" button 3 times. 
  • This will navigate you back to the "Identify Problems" page where you can select another deficiency or you can click the "Back" button until you see the "Exit" button. 
  • Click the "Exit" button to return to the dispatch ticket.  Once you are back on the dispatch ticket you will notice the changes you have made to the aerial image.
Before plot point changes were made. After plot point changes were made.
5a.png 5b.png


Congratulations!  You are now able to make changes to deficiency plot points from the service ticket on your desktop!

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