Punching In/Out of TimeCard


  • FCS allows service technicians and service helpers to punch in and punch out of TimeCard. 
  • This will capture the hours worked per day and all travel and labor details for each completed service dispatch ticket. 
  • Each service person -- regardless if they are a tech or helper -- will log themselves in using their own login credentials. 
  • Service techs or helpers are unable to log in to other associates at your organization. 
  • The following steps will demonstrate how to punch in and punch out using a mobile device. 


Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Fill in your personal FCS login email and password credentials.
  • Make sure FCS Mobi 5.0 is chosen, then click on "Log In". 


Step 3:

  • Click on the "TimeCard" tool.


Step 4:

  • Click on the green "Punch In" button. 
  • The TimeCard tool marks the service person's location at the time of punch-in, expressed in latitude/longitude.


Step 5:

  • You can add a job title or number into the "job:" field, and also select a service helper from the "add helper:" dropdown box. 
  • Once you've made your selections, click on the green "Punch In" button on the bottom right of the window.


Step 6:

  • If you see the red "Punch Out" button, you have successfully punched in for the day and will remain so until you punch out.


Step 7:

  • When you are ready to punch out for the day, simply log back into FCS Mobi 5.0 and click on the red "Punch Out" button. 
  • All the hourly data and travel and labor details for the technician and helper will be captured and reside in TimeCard Master. 
  • The administrator can view and edit all time card entries at any time if necessary.


Congratulations! you can now punch in and out of TimeCard using your mobile device.

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