Adding a roof plan for a new construction project


  • New construction projects will require a roof plan in order to accurately complete days of work. 
  • The following instructions will demonstrate the process.
  • In order to complete this process, the user must have access to the Estimate tool or the Take-off tool. 
  • Either of these tools has the capability to upload a roof plan.


Step 1: 

  • Within the property click on the "Opportunities" tab as indicated by the black arrow.



Step 2: 

  • Within the Opportunities tab click on "Add Opportunity".



Step 3: 

  • Fill out the opportunity record and click on the "Add New Opportunity" button at the bottom of the page. 
  • Once the opportunity record is completed you will be directed back to the property record.



Step 4:

  • Within the property record, click on the "Estimates" tab. 
  • The "New Take-Off" tool will be available for you to click on.



Step 5:

  • Clicking on the New Take-Off tool will take you to the "Bid" record. 
  • Fill out the New Bid appropriately and click on the "Submit Bid" button.

Typically the bid will be completed and the project awarded but necessary to complete this record in order to capture the roof plan for the New Construction Project.



Step 6:

  • By clicking on Submit Bid you will be directed to the "Bid Calendar Bid Schedule" record. 
  • Click on your bid number listed in the "Project #" column.



Step 7:

  • Clicking on the Project# Bid HD 302.2 will take you to a bid edit record. 
  • If all information is correct or once changes have been made click on the "Estimate Job" button.



Step 8:

  • Click on the "Insert Image Icon". 
  • This will pull up your local directory.  



Step 9:

  • Choose and insert a roof plan from your local directory. 



Step 10:

  • Follow the instructions to "Set the Scale". 
  • Once the scale is set click on the "Complete" button in the top right corner. 
  • Doing so will take you back to the property record.



Step 11:

  • Locate the correct opportunity and click on the "edit" option on the right side of the record.



Step 12:

  • Select a bid from the "Use Estimate ID" pull-down menu. 
  • This will form the relationship between the bid and the project. 
  • Once completed, click on the "Edit Opportunity" at the bottom left of the record which will take you back to the property record.



Step 13:

  • Within the property record click on the "Production" tab, go to "Daily Progress" and complete the project set up. 
  • Once the project setup is complete click on "Update Values". 
  • If the project setup is already complete please skip this step and move on to step 14.
  • All new construction projects using a roof plan as the take-off image SHALL utilize OPS 4.0
  • The Project SqFt SHALL match exactly what the roof plan states.



Step 14:

  • Step 14 requires you to log into the mobile application and follow the instructions below in BLUE.



Step 15:

  • Click on "Manage Project".



Step 16:

  • Click on "Document Day".



Step 17:

  • Click on "Add a Day".



Step 18:

  • The roof plan will be automatically uploaded.
  • Click on "Submit".



Step 19:

  • Follow instructions. "Outline entire project area".
  • Click "Done".



Step 20:

  • Confirm S/F. Click "OK" and exit the mobile application.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the process to Add a roof plan for a new construction project.

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