Multiple pictures for deficiencies on inspection reports

Currently, we can only take one picture per deficiency on inspection reports. We'd like to have multiple pictures possibility (just like deficiencies on service call) to allow for a wider picture to locate the environnement and a more precise picture to properly illustrate deficiency. 

For example, if I find an open joint, I want to take a wide picture to show where the joint is on the roof (pin pointing isn't always 100% precise) and than a close up to show the joint open. 



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    Hi Alexandre,

    This is a great enhancement idea! I will submit this to the development team for consideration. 

    Meanwhile, I can offer a possible workaround. You can add another deficiency labeled "other" or "additional photo" and enter comments to indicate that it is related to another deficiency.

    We appreciate your feedback and engagement!

    Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions, comments or concerns.

    Kind regards,

  • I'd like to "second" the idea of having multiple pictures for deficiencies in inspection reports.  The work around does work but it takes extra time and doesn't look at clean on the report.

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  • If you upvote the request to the left of the user avatar box, it will show as "votes" for the request.

  • We have been requesting this for years. It would be appreciated. 


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