Troubleshooting Your Mobile Schedule


Sometimes when you log into your mobile device or tablet and look at your mobile schedule you don't see events that should be on there.  Try these troubleshooting tips:

Step 1:

  • Look at Your Filters
  • Select the "Filters" button on your schedule and make sure specific User(s),
  • Type(s) and Status(es) are selected.  


Step 2:

  • Ask Your Admin If the Property is in the Group You Are Assigned To
  • If your company utilizes the "Groups" feature, you have the ability to assign specific companies and properties to groups that you belong to. 
  • Although the event is scheduled to you, you need to be in the group that the property belongs to in order to see it.
  • For more information about groups, take a look at our Guide to Groups and Subgroups article.

Step 3:

  • Check the Invoice or Activity to Make Sure It Was Scheduled Properly
  • This one sounds obvious, but it could happen!  Perhaps you did not schedule the service ticket or inspection correctly. 
  • Look up the service ticket on the Dispatch Board and/or Powerboard to check if it has been scheduled and if it was assigned to the correct technician. 
  • If you are looking at your Activities Calendar, look up the Property record and make sure the event is scheduled on the Activities tab.


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