Recover Deleted Data

What can I do if I cant find a Record in the system?

When you can’t find a record in the system you’ve searched for, there could be a number of reasons.  Here are a few things you can do to find it.


Often times, a record could simply be misspelled.

When doing a search, try spelling out only part of what you’re searching for instead of the entire name.

Property was moved:

If you are searching for a property under a company you know it was located before, it’s possible someone else may have moved it.  Look under the ‘Notes’ tab which will tell you if the property was moved with a link to the new location.

Company or Property Renamed:

Also, if a company or property was renamed, that will also be recorded in the ‘Notes’ tab.  For a company this may not be as helpful until after you find it, but for properties you will see these under the company ‘Notes’ tab.

Company/Property/Dispatch Deleted:

If a company and/or property was deleted, then you can have your Admin check the ‘Company/Property Delete Log’.  This will tell you who and when the record was deleted, and give an option to restore the record.  Service Dispatches also have their own delete log which works the same way.


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