Add New/Edit Inspection Recommendation Templates

Add New/Edit Inspection Recommendation Templates: 

FCS users have the option to add new or edit existing recommendation templates. At the end of every inspection users will have the option to type a custom recommendation or use a recommendation template from the drop down menu.

Step 1

When you first log in to FCS, go to the ToolBox icon.



Step 2

Within ToolBox click on Admin. 



Step 3

Once you're in the Admin icon, click on the "Sales Settings" feature. 



Step 4

Within Sales Setting, click on "Recommendations Templates". 



Here you will have the option to add a new template, and edit or delete an existing one. 



Once you click on one of the above options it will bring you to a new page which will either have empty fields if you want to add a new one or have fields already filled up if you want to edit an existing one.

Below is an example of a template.




Congratulations! You have successfully added new/edited recommendation templates.



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