CRM Basics: Adding and Explaining Records

Adding Records

Understanding System Hierarchy

The FCS system has a strict hierarchy within its database structure. When adding new records into your system, it will go as follows:

1st: Companies (You may refer to these as "Clients," "Customers," "Prospects," etc.)

Within a "Company" you will next add a "Property"

2nd: Properties (You may refer to these as "Sites," "Jobs," "Projects," etc.)


3rd: Sections (You may refer to these as "Roof Areas," "Main Roof, Gymnasium" etc.)


To begin, enter into your "Contacts" from your homepage after logging in.




All records, or "Contacts" are categorized as Prospects, Candidates, Clients, and Vendors. As you add in new records they will begin as a Prospect.

Prospects->An entity that does not have known opportunity for a product you sell. There are no scheduled meetings or pending proposals that have been sent.

Candidates->An entity that has a quoted opportunity AND/OR a scheduled inspection/meeting activity within at least one of it's properties.

Clients->An entity that has a sold opportunity within at least one of it's properties.

Vendors->An entity that you do business with, but do not directly sell roofing to. Typically, this is going to be manufacturers, installers, distributors, architects, etc


To add a '"Company" record, select the blue plus icon.



Once here, enter in the following information:



Once you have established your "Company" record, add your first "Property" to that "Company."



This is where you add in the address information to create a property. If the property is the same address as the company you can select “Same as Company” and it will auto-fill the address information.



Here is your "Company" view, looking at a list of properties.



Here is your "Property" view, looking at a list of "sections."


Add a section to your property by selecting the "Add section" option.









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