CRM Basics: Calendar, Activities, Opportunities, Notes, Email, & Cloud


What is an activity?

An activity is a task that has been designated to a FCS user to be completed at a specific property. 

How can I add an activity to a property?

Once on the property level, select the activities tab. To the far right, you will now see "Add new activity."



You will then select the type of activity, who the task is assigned for, the date and time of the activity along with which contact they will meet once at the property.

The completed task will be time stamped within the Activities tab on the property level. 



What is found on the Calendar?

The calendar will house all of the upcoming and completed activities that were added to the system. 

How can I populate the Calendar?

There are two ways to add an event to the calendar. 

The first way is to add an activity at the property level(covered above).

The other way is to add an activity straight from the Calendar by selecting the blue cross in the upper right hand corner. You will then enter into the property and follow the same process mentioned above. 




What are opportunities?

The opportunity tab is where you will store all of your sales efforts. The Opportunity tab within your tool belt will store all of your quoted/sold work system wide. There is also an opportunity tab within each property that will have the current sales effort pertaining to that specific property. 

How do I add an opportunity?

Adding an opportunity takes place on the property level. Simply click on the opportunity tab and fill out necessary criteria. 


(Make sure to select "Add new opportunity" to save your entry)



What are notes? 

The notes section will capture all of the history pertaining to the property. The notes section will include quick notes added to the system, generated inspection reports, emails and proposals sent through the system. 

How can I add a note?

You can add a note at any time by selecting the "Notes" tab followed by "Add New Note" at either the Company or Property level. 

Emailing through the system

How can I send an email through the system?

From the property level, select the envelope Icon located in the upper right hand corner. 



What can I include in emails sent through the system?

After selecting which site contacts and which internal users will be receiving the email, you will then choose what you want to include. 

You will have the option to easily attach the latest inspection report along with any PDF's you currently have stored within your attachment library. Click the checkbox next to all of the material you would like to provide your client. Once you click send, the email will be posted within the notes tab of this record. 


Cloud/Adding Documents

How can I add a document/warranty that applies to a specific property? 

The attachment library which is found within the toolbox is where company wide literature is stored. When you have a document or warranty that is property specific, you can add it to the property by selecting the "Add a document" Icon.

After selecting the Icon and adding the file, you will then enter the following information:

(What type of Document, What section it applies to, Is it available in the client portal and provide a title/notes if necessary)

This document will be stored within the cloud storage at the property level for future reference.









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