Setting Up Custom Fields on Clients & Properties


  • You can set up Custom Fields to capture more customer data than what is initially available within FCS.
  • These Custom Fields are searchable and will be included on most exports in our system, making them a very powerful feature.
  • You are limited to only three different fields for Companies and three for Properties (for a total of six overall). 
  • If you have the Lead Tracking tool, you will also have three Opportunity fields available.


Managing Custom Fields

Step 1:

  • As an Admin, go to ToolBox > Admin > Edit Custom Company/Property Fields.


Step 2:

  • From here you can Add, Edit, and Delete Custom Fields.
  • Clicking set all to default will reset all of those custom fields throughout your CRM. 
  • Clicking Add a new custom field or edit an existing one will take you to this page:


Step 3:

Here you can give the field a name and some help text, which will help identify the purpose of the field to your users. 

Then you will assign it as a Property field or Company field, and choose whether or not it is searchable within the Search tab in the Contacts list.

There are four types of Custom Fields:

  1. Standard Text Box - This is a free-form input where your employees enter in unstructured data.
  2. Dropdown - This is a pre-defined list of values that you will set up. It is great for assigning clients to different categories.
  3. Yes/No - This type of field is typically a question. i.e. In Accounting?
  4. FCS User - This is a list of your currently active employees.

Setting the Field in the Record

Step 1:

  • Double-click on a Company in the Clients list to get to the Company Page.

Step 2:

  • Click on the Gear Icon on the right side to enter 'Edit Mode'.


Step 3:

  • Just under the Gear Icon, you will see your Company Custom Fields; click on the [NONE] next to the field's name to set it.

Step 4:

  • Follow the same steps in the Property Page for Property Custom Fields.


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