Adding a "Bill To" Address


How do I add a Bill To Address for a company or property?


Step 1:

  • Locate the company or property you would like to add a billing address for by selecting the Search Feature from the Contacts screen.


Step 2:

  • To search for a company or property select the correct drop down from the search screen.
  • To search company name set the field to Company.
  • To search for Property set the field to Property. You can search by any option listed in the drop-down.

Step 3:

  • Start typing into the search box to locate the record.
  • Records will populate as you start typing.
  • Once the property or location is found double-click it to open the record.


Step 4:

  • Once the record is open select the Edit icon in the right-hand menu

Step 5:

  • Select the red link under the Bill To Address to enter the billing information



Step 6:

  • Enter the billing information into the text box and select the edit button to save

Step 7:

  • To exit out of edit mode select the Edit icon in the right-hand menu.
  • The new billing information will be displayed.
  • You can set the billing address at the company or property level.


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