Adding Activities to your Calendar


You cannot add activities to a company. You must add activities to a property.


Step 1:

  • Start off by locating and entering into the property that you would like to add an activity for.

Step 2:

  • Click on the "Activities" tab and select "Add a New Activity."


Step 3:

  • Reference next image for populating activity fields.


Step 4:

  • All activities will be tracked within the activities tab.
  • As you can see below, there is an activity that we scheduled, and once completed it will be crossed out to serve as a historical item on this property.


Step 5:

  • The calendar tool is where you can see all activities across users and event types.
  • This calendar is drag and drop so events (Inspections, Phone Calls, Meetings, etc) can be managed.
  • Clicking on an Activity will bring you right into the property it was scheduled for.
  • You can see the Contact Activity we had created here:


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