Adding Property-Specific Notes


  • Adding property-specific notes can help create an efficient process for your team. 
  • Property-specific notes can help in multiple ways. 
  • This article will demonstrate how to add property-specific notes and explain how this practice can create an efficient process for your service team.


Step 1:

  • From your target property record, select the Service tab indicated below by the red arrow.


Step 2:

  • When you select "Service" at the property level it will highlight in blue, letting you know you are now in the "Service" tab. 
  • Once on the "Service" tab, select the "Service" button on the left side of the page (once selected, the "Service" button will highlight in blue as well). 
  • You will also notice 4 options underneath the Update button ("Not to Exceed", "Emergency Labor Rate", "Urgent Labor Rate", and "Non Emergency Labor Rate"). 
  • If you enter information into any of these boxes and click Update, the entry will take effect for every dispatch created from this point on (for example: if you added 2000 into the "Not to Exceed" option, every dispatch for this property will automatically add a "Not to Exceed" of 2000. 
  • This will remain in effect until you delete or change the entry). 
  • This will save you from having to add the "Not to Exceed" entry every time a dispatch ticket is initiated and will be transparent to the service technician out in the field.


Step 3:

  • As you scroll down the page, more options to add property-specific notes will appear. 
  • All entries will be transparent to the service technician and will be listed on the dispatch ticket, allowing for complete transparency between the field and office.


Step 4:

  • Take a moment to review all examples of property-specific notes in Steps 3 & 4.


Step 5:

  • Your property-specific notes will end up in the dispatch and the mobile application.





Click here to view the property-specific notes in the mobile application.



 Congratulations -- you are on your way to creating a more efficient and transparent process!

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